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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

YouTube and Dreadlocks

When I first got interested in wanting to loc my hair, the first place I looked for my research, as I'm sure many of you did/do, was YouTube. I don't know about you guys, but I'm very much a "learn by example" type of guy, so naturally watching video upon video...upon video of people twisting, styling, washing, and talking about their locs was a HUGE help to me. To this day, nothing has changed. When I want to look at cool loc styles, or if I'm just curious as to other peoples' stories about their dreadlocks, YouTube is still the first place I go. It's incredibly useful.

While watching all of these videos about locs, I noticed a very cool thing. Most, if not all of the people I was watching talk about their locs would give shout outs to other dread heads they'd watched on YouTube (or just knew in life in general). Multiple YouTubers would give shout outs to the same people! They wouldn't simply be a " yo, I wonna give a shout out to so and so." Sometimes they would go in depth about the person and their locs. They would wish others good luck on their loc journeys, and so on. After witnessing this phenomenon repeat itself in MANY a YouTube video, I really understood that when you have locs, or are even THINKING about starting locs, you become a part of a very warm community.

When I look back at it, I was constantly admiring other folks locs. I would walk up to complete strangers and ask them about their locs. How long had they been growing them? How did they start them and where? What they use? I'd compliment their locs, and they would encourage me to start my own. They'd give me some quick tips and once I started my locs, they would compliment me on my progress when we ran into each other. I can't tell you how many times other people with locs have come up to me and started a discussion about our hair. The conversations are always comfortable, inviting, funny, and definitely informative. The same goes for people thinking about starting locs.

With all that said, I'd like to give some shout outs of my own to some people I've learned from, and/or frequently watch onYouTube.

Jirod Greene:
 This guy is a trip, man. He's a HUGE goof ball, but when it comes to locs, he knows a lot. Pay attention to him. He tells a lot of funny stories, and answers a lot of frequently asked questions about locs in a very funny manner. He's got his own personality that's for sure. He likes to joke around a lot, but he more than gets his point across. A huge plus for Jirod, he's constantly uploading new videos.
Aside from his great locs, and stories about them, you should definitely check out Jirod's band in Austin Texas "Suite 709". He has some videos on his YouTube channel of them performing. DEFINITELY check those out. Those cats have got some skills. They're currently recording an album, so stay up on that.

I fell in love with Shawnta after watching one of her loc videos. She had been growing her locs for YEARS, and they were perhaps (in my opinion of perfect) the most beautiful, perfect locs I had ever seen. She recently decided to take her dreadlocks out and started a new set. She comb picked her locs out! Yes, there is a way to take your dreadlocks out without shaving your head! Shawnta talks about products she uses, hair care, and loc styles. For all the ladies (and some guys out there) she also does make-up tutorials. I haven't seen a new video from her in a little while, but her channel is still up and her old videos are definitely worth watching.

LocsHow2 is one of my newest dreadlock friends whom I recently discovered on Twitter. I really dig her channel.  She's just like me. She's trying to be informative towards people who are just starting their locs, or haven't had them for very long. A lot of the video's you'll see out there about dreadlocks are typically tutorials on how to style your locs, or include information given from people who have had their locs for years and maybe don't remember all the stages they went through with their locs, and thus can't help you as much as you need them too. Like myself, LocsHow2 is going through the motions and wants to give helpful tips and information all along the way.  While she wants to help out those with newer locs, she also puts up loc tutorials of different styles she does. Her channel is well worth checking out.

I could literally go on for HOURS when it comes to YouTube channels that I follow. They're all extremely useful in a plethora of ways. Here are a couple more pages that you NEED to check out:

PrettiBoiShai: A wealth of  dreadlock knowledge

Dunte86: A wealth of knowledge in general. He has a lot of stuff up on his YouTube channel, but once you go to his page (and you SHOULD go to his page) he has a special section of videos devoted to locs.

Applesandmustard: She's fiesty, loves her locs, and likes talking about them.

DynamicRunner: She has micro locs for all those out there that want locs on the thinner side. Her whole page seems to be devoted to locs. She talks about styles, products, hair care, hair coloring, everything.

I'm sure there are tons of people I could still mention, but I think I'm going to leave it at that. To all those starting locs, or thinking about starting locs, welcome to the community. On that note,  in the words of Jirod Greene, PPPPEEEEEAAAACCCEEEEE!

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