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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alfalfa the rogue dread

I thought I'd take a quick break from the nuts and bolts of dreadlocks today and talk about my own dreadlocks. One lock in particular that I've named Alfalfa.

I have over 100 dreadlocks on my head. Out of these 100+ dreads I have one in the front of my head that just doesn't like to act right. He's a rebellious little trouble maker and I hate him (okay that's not true, I love him dearly, but he needs to get it together. This is a dictatorship damnit). I knew from my baby dreadlock stages that he was gonna be trouble.

Back when my hair was still really short, but long enough to move if the wind blew hard enough, this little dread use to cause me so much grief. I would wake up in the morning, take my durag off, and see this one dread waving good morning to me. I'd stare in the mirror at this little dread thinking, "uhm, excuse you, sir. Who do you think you are? You better lay down like the rest of them. Fall in line. You aren't special.", but try as I might, this dreadlock wasn't having it, and thus Alfalfa was born.

Alfalfa is RESILIENT. Apparently he thinks he runs s***. I use to fight with him for a good 10-15 minutes before saying screw it. Those would be the days I was stuck wearing a hat even when I wanted to show my little dreadlets (baby dreads) off. If I wasn't wearing a hat, and it happened to be a windy day out, forget about it. Alfalfa would be standing at attention telling me AND the wind that he did what he wanted. He be sitting there looking like a stale french fry in a box of curly fries, acting like everything is alright. No, sir, that is NOT what I ordered. He just be ruining my self esteem in all sorts of ways. Just kidding..................but actually.

I'll never forget the morning I woke up, took my durag off, looked in the mirror, and before my eyes, all over my head were dreadlets sticking up! It was like Alfalfa had staged a full blown rebellion! I was putting all kinds of clips in my head trying to get them to lay down. I tried dampening them. I tried applying extra wax to them so they'd be heavier and just fall. Nothing was working. I eventually just laid back down and restarted my day. Went back to the mirror when I got up and instead of sticking up, this time they were just contorted, pointing in all kinds of directions. Needless to say, a hat was worn that day.

Nowadays, now that my dreads are longer, Alfalfa sticking up isn't as much of an issue. No, nowadays when I try to pull my hair back he just flips forward and sags in front of my face. I swear, he's mocking me.

The moral of the story here is, as you go through the different stages of your lock journey, your dreadlocks are going to annoy you sometimes. Have patience. Love them. They'll act right.
 If you get a lock like Alfalfa CUT HIM OFF! Just kidding..................but actually.



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